@IEllatweets I-Ella review — Love <3

I have been so excited to try the I-Ella gift bag. This is the first subscription I have received where I not only get beauty samples but I get either clothing, shoes or an accessory.  I opted to try the starter bag for $59 as I had never tried them before and I wanted to make sure I would love the service before I changed to the Soho bag.  I think I will definitely try the Soho bag next time since I am happy with their services so far.  Here is a picture of what I received.
ImageImageImageThe booties were valued at $168.  The total value of the bag was $200.  I am excited to try the booties.  I am not big on heels but I think they will go with some outfits that I have.  I will just have to get used to them as I typically wear flats.  Overall, I am happy with this bag and can’t wait to see what I get next month. I just had my friend sign up and she ordered the Soho bag.  I can’t wait to see what she gets. Stay tuned…….

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@beautyfix review

I recently ordered my BeautyFix and it seemed like it showed up just days later.  I think they have the quickest shipping out of all my subscriptions.  BeautyFix is $49.99 per quarter and you get to pick a total of 8 products and a bag.  Some are deluxe samples and some are full size products.  I usually get a mix of the two.  I love the bags that come with them as well.  I use this quilted bag as my travel make-up bag and this is the second one that I ordered.  I am not taking a picture of each product on this review as you get so many items it would fill the entire page.  When I received my bag I had not realized when I ordered that I selected so many full-size products this time so I was pleasantly surprised.  I received 4 full-size items and the total of these products alone if I would have bought from the store would have been $156.  The other 4 items plus the bag are probably worth at least $50 and that is low-balling it.  I definitely got a killer deal.  Here are pictures of what I received………



Items show about are as follows……

  1.  Lashes to die for by Peter Thomas Roth (deluxe sample) full size price is $22
  2. Exfoliating body wash by Glytone (full size) $30
  3. Jane Ireland LipDring SPF 15 (full size) $14
  4. Cranberry Gommage by Arcona (deluxe sample) full size price is $42
  5. Glycolic Acid Essence 10 percent by Zensation (full size) $75
  6. Herbal Recovery Gel by Jurlique (deluxe sample) full size price is $50
  7. Signature Advanced Volume Shampoo by Nick Chavez (full size) $37
  8. Gommage Biologique by Goinot (deluxe sample) full size price $38
  9. Quilted Bag (value unknown) Estimated $15-20

They have several other products to choose from.  There is make-up, hair care, skin care, and fragrances to select from.  A lot of the awesome products that I got last quarter are still available.  A couple of my favorites are the Jane Iredale blush with gold flakes in it and a make-up finishing spray.  If you are interested in joining, send me your email address and I will send you a link that will save you $20 off your first order.  Thank you for looking. 


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Little Black Bag review

This was my first time ordering from Little Black Bag.  Little Black Bag is a website that you can go on and buy purses, jewelry and accessories.  Basically the way it worked for me was I paid $49 for a purse that I picked. It was valued at $98. Here is the purse I picked. It is totally not my style or color but I needed something with color in it and I wanted something different.

ImageAfter you pay for your item, they will then show you two items that you get “free”.  If you like what they chose, you then submit your order.  If you do not like what they selected then you can go to the trading area in which you have up to 7 days to trade items with other members.  I liked the earrings and bracelets that were originally selected for me but I wanted to have some fun and trade so this is what I ended up with.  The trading was a lot of fun.  There were many items that other members were trading and they would submit offers to you as well if they were interested in your items.  These earrings were much cuter on the website.  I still like them but they are way to heavy for my ears so I think I will end up donating these.

ImageThe necklace was really cute too. It is simple and I love long necklaces so I’m sure that I will love it with the right top.


All in all, I would say I liked this service.  I probably will not use it often but I will definitely check it out when I need another purse as you can’t beat $49 for a purse and jewelry.  The nice thing is that you know exactly what you are getting before it comes in the mail.  But I also love the surprise factor of some of the other programs. Thank you for looking.

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@Beautybardotcom Sample Society with Allure Review

ImageHave I mentioned that I love coming home to see these boxes in my mail. This is probably my favorite box so far from Beauty Bar Sample Society.  I will also post after I have used the products and let you know which ones I liked the most.  Here is a list of what I received for my March shipment…IMG_2381The first product is Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Shampoo.  I was excited to try this as I am always looking for a good shampoo.  I did try this last night and its seemed to work okay.  My only complaint was that it did not lather well and I like a shampoo that makes a lot of suds.  But all in all it was a good shampoo. The full size value of this is $18.


The next item is the Hollywood Fashion tape.  I have never used anything like this before but I am sure now that I have it I will try it, especially this Spring and Summer with my new clothes from I-Ella and The Golden Tote (reviews to follow). This was full-sized and is valued at $9.25.


I received the color Cheeky Chops in my Butter London 3 free lacquer.  It is yellow. At first, I did not think I would like it but once I put it on, it put me in the mood for spring.  While it is not the best color on me I still like it and it would look good on someone with a darker skin tone. This is full size and is valued at $15



Murad Essential-C day moisture SPF 30 was the next item in my box.  I love Murad’s products so I’m sure I will like this one.  The full size product of this costs $60


The last product in this box was called Lashfood Nano-Peptide natural eyelash conditioner.  It is an all-natural lash-enhancing formula.  I have been hesitant to try one of these lash lengthening serum but now that I have this sample I will go ahead and see what all the buzz is about.  The full size product of this is $80.



Well there you are.  Hope you enjoyed this box.  You can sign up at beautybar.com.  The cost of this box is $12 per month.  Just the full size nail polish alone more than paid for this box.  I will post back shortly on the actual product reviews as I try them.  Thank you for looking.




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@BirchBox March Madness has arrived!!

I was so excited to come home to my first box to review tonight.  This is my second BirchBox.  I was very happy with what was inside.  Here is the box with all the contents inside.  I will then break each item down for you………………



This emery board was considered one of the bonuses. It has a $5 value.  I was happy to get this as everybody needs one around and I hate to spend my money on emery boards.


The Whish Shaving cream has a blueberry scent and smells uh-mazing.  I can’t wait to try it. The full size value of this item is $20.


Macadamia Natural Oil (Healing oil treatment) Full size value of $39.95. I am really excited to try this product.  It says it cuts down on drying time. I have no excuse to be late for work now.Image
Supergoop SPF 30+ for face and body. Full size value of $14-$48. Who doesn’t need SPF. I received 2 samples of this.ImageBenefit Cosmetics Benetint Full size value of $29. I will try anything from Benefit.  They always have the best products.  This is a lip and cheek stain.ImageMacadamia Natural Oil Deep repair masque, Full size value of $36 I am excited to try this as well especially with the healing oil treatment above. ImageHere is the card that talks about each product.  I am happy with the contents of this box.  I will apologize to all my friends because it doesn’t look like I will be giving any samples up this time:)) Actually I am thinking about saving all of my samples that I will not use and giving them to the homeless shelter or the teen runaway center like DayBreak.  Does anyone know if they accept donations like that.  I think all women should have access to products to boost their confidence.  Let me know if you have any ideas.  I will update once I have tried the products and let you know how I liked them.  Birchbox is $10/month.  Money well spent!!  Contact me if you have any questions! Thanks for looking.Image

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Subscriptions I will be reviewing…….

Okay, so as I am anxiously awaiting my boxes to arrive, I will fill you in on which boxes I am expecting. The beauty sample boxes are…

  • Birchbox (monthly subscription)
  • Test Tube New Beauty (quarterly)
  • Beauty Fix (quarterly)
  • Sample Society by Allure (monthly)
  • Beauty Army (monthly)
  • Ipsy (monthly)
  • Total Beauty (randomly)
  • Glossy Box (monthly)
  • FabFitFun by Guliana (quarterly) This is brand new so I’m really excited for this

The other subscriptions are listed below…….

  • I-Ella (monthly designer clothes/accessories)
  • Pop Sugar (monthly)
  • Golden Tote (designer clothes/accessories) not sure how often yet
  • Little Black Bag (randomly)

Yes, I know I have a problem. But it is so worth it.  The bottom 5 subscriptions I have not yet tried so I am really excited to get my first shipments.  I will be posting these as they are delivered and I will also post pictures of all the items.

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Welcome…………to my obsession

Hi, welcome to my blog.  My name is Shelly and I am from Ohio and I am a beauty product junkie.  If there was a beauty junkie anonymous, I would be there.  It started when I was a teenager and has grown more and more the older I get and the more I am able to afford the products.  My bathroom looks like I live with 7 other women.  Well, if my obsession of Mac Cosmetics and Sephora were not enough, I have now become obsessed with beauty subscription boxes.  I first signed up at Christmas in 2012.  I researched so many sites and blogs and still could not decide which boxes to subscribe to so I decided to sign up for several.  I still have not been able to cancel but maybe one and I have added several more this month.  I decided I would start this blog to help others who are having trouble deciding as well.  Eventually I do hope to limit the number of subscriptions I have but for now I will enjoy rushing home every day to see what surprise is waiting for me.  I recently received my box from Ipsy for March so I will not blog on that this month as I have already used most of the products but the rest of my March subscriptions are still on their way.  I can’t wait to share with you.  I also wanted to forewarn that I am not a writer or blogger in any way shape or form.  I write what is in my head, therefore, I write in run-on sentences and ramble.  I am a nurse, I abbreviate everything.  So please forgive my grammar and punctuation.  I am completely new to this so it will take me awhile to get my blog going.  Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

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