Little Black Bag review

This was my first time ordering from Little Black Bag.  Little Black Bag is a website that you can go on and buy purses, jewelry and accessories.  Basically the way it worked for me was I paid $49 for a purse that I picked. It was valued at $98. Here is the purse I picked. It is totally not my style or color but I needed something with color in it and I wanted something different.

ImageAfter you pay for your item, they will then show you two items that you get “free”.  If you like what they chose, you then submit your order.  If you do not like what they selected then you can go to the trading area in which you have up to 7 days to trade items with other members.  I liked the earrings and bracelets that were originally selected for me but I wanted to have some fun and trade so this is what I ended up with.  The trading was a lot of fun.  There were many items that other members were trading and they would submit offers to you as well if they were interested in your items.  These earrings were much cuter on the website.  I still like them but they are way to heavy for my ears so I think I will end up donating these.

ImageThe necklace was really cute too. It is simple and I love long necklaces so I’m sure that I will love it with the right top.


All in all, I would say I liked this service.  I probably will not use it often but I will definitely check it out when I need another purse as you can’t beat $49 for a purse and jewelry.  The nice thing is that you know exactly what you are getting before it comes in the mail.  But I also love the surprise factor of some of the other programs. Thank you for looking.


About shellyrenae30

I will be 34 years old this April. I love being a mom and I love being a girl. I love all beauty products from face creams, make-up, hair products, accessories, and clothes. I am silly and I love people who can make me laugh.
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One Response to Little Black Bag review

  1. Amber says:

    49 is a great price plus the extras. Thanks I will check this out for sure.

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